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(Александр Василенко, а/я 177, Ратомка, 223035, Минский район, Беларусь, defectinindustry@mail.ru)

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Look around, can you see? Cancerous lies, the pollution we call humanity. Take a look around, tell me what you see? The lies you've been led to believe are now the nightmares of reality. You try to find something, or someone to trust. Brought up in a world of material greed. You learned quickly to doubt, you can't be satisfied with plastic people, or their plastic lives. Ever since you where born they screwed with your head. Family, friends, the government, control the life you live. Now greed consumes youк life they taught you how to hate. You know no such thing as happiness. Your life's a total waste. All life is a routine. Day to day life. Get up, go to work. Work, sleep, Die. The more lies you live, the higher you get. Don't accept the system. Their system won't accept. Break your chains, and stand up. Fight to survive. Take a look at the world. Fight back. Attack!

Waiting for eternity in an insane world we are hopelessly waiting for the fall of their system the fall of the empire. The future isn't written and we can't accept a meaningless existence ending in extinction. Suffering, deserted, imprisoned, deprived. Constantly we struggle forever confined. With hopeless sorrow for all humankind. We're trampled, beaten down, until we die.

When you came to me you had it all planned out. The outcome, the scenario, the way it was. now you point your finger. Accuser, it's you that you betray. So don't come around here telling me your fucked up version of reality. I don't need it. In my life i know wrong from right and the choices that i make, i design. So when you've got a plot in your head. Drop it and ask me, man to man.

In functionalist theory a society of fragments operating like cogs in machines. Equilibrium and exchange must occur to allow for forward progression. Different angles, the same crusade. Unification negated. Different angles the same crusade. Disqualified. Integrationist perspectives turn to micro-aspects of socialization to understand our social evolution. Constructed reality and interlocker symbols keep our fabric wove tight. Conflict theory has a different view, by design it's a constant strain. Suffering, war, and social control are binding tools of existence. Thee perspectives of the same lies that bind us into a world of effortless automation, and into a world of darkness. Desiring a world where we can life rebuilding eroding foundations. A nation-state at odds with a people struggling to evolve. -The duality of man's feeble mind.

A desolate wasteland, the earth is diseased, and we're choking on the fumes of factories. Resources stripped bare, until noting is left. When the ozone is gone you will burn to death. Silently the world decays. Inhale the toxic waste. It's being devoured by a greedy elite who are power crazed. This technological hell created by man. The world we know must come to an end. Long life nothing. It will all turn to dust. An annihilated wasteland , no longer for us. Carcasses of people scatter the ruins of long forgotten monuments built by apathetic humans. All society had collapsed from rioting and war. Starving in famine poor kill poor. The wealthy safe behind barbed wire and arms gain only the right to be last to starve. Arise from this plague, this fucking plague. The history of mankind-this devastated waste. Lost forever, nothing remains. It`s not end, the earth will rebirth again.

SO proud to live in one small place. So proud to separate by race. So proud you will never open your mind. that is what you do to identify. So around to live in poverty. That's not the way it has to be. So proud of all your possessions. So proud you live in suburban prison. So proud of your shitty job. You worship money, that's your god. So proud of your reputation. So happy about a 2 week vacation. So proud your hiding all the lies. Your wife and children you despise. Never leave your house, never leave your street. Trapped in a stable environment, conditioned to routine. Chained to what you think makes you really free. You're Trapped. You're blind. You're fooled. Denied! Are you reality satisfied to live with all these boundaries? Born, work, pay tax at 65 get social security. you procreated at 30, and reused a modern family to complete the cycle of middle class society. Are you happy? Escape the prison, escape your cell. destroy the barriers that you built. With all the walls and all the lines to change you have to open your mind. If you change your train of thought the world around can teach a lot. Overwhelmed by all the lies set up to keep you lobotomized.

Another dictator for a military regime, U.S. funded capitalist scheme. Puppet governments enslave the civilians. First-world corporations profit billions. They're allies today, and enemies the next. Foreign policy keeps the third world in dept. Media propaganda, and T.V. illusions teach patriotic sheep to be ignorant and inhuman. Imperialist systems, and bloodthirsty corporations-their new world order won't allow another culture. While religions terrorist and love as they murder for god. Good against evil doesn't mean a thing. Who is to judge? They both kill the same. They both kill the same. Another politician with a smiling face. Using fear as a weapon. Are we save? Citizen so easily throw away their rights. To preserve freedom, their freedom they deny. The religious separation and prejudice in man with people scared of cultures they don't understand. But the slaughter of millions won't ignore the truth. Their wars won't be justified.

Life is filled with pain. I want to give up. I'll tell you why my life is fucked. The world is gone and I'm thinking of suicide. There is no god/fuck the world. There is no love/ I don't care. There is no justice/you get hit when you down. In this world is shit, and I can't deal with it. Kill the pain that's inside my hear. What is life worth living, when you're living dead? There is no hope, and nothing changes. This world is shit and I can't deal with.

Progress? What has been achieved? There are possessions to help us escape from reality. Fantasies of grandeur, acclaim success. Fantasies of romance, of heroes and heroines. The glory that is sought will shine from a screen. Wealth, fame, and fortune are far out of reach. Middle aged tears run from realized illusions. All hope has since gone. State at sterile walls. Wondering how it all went wrong. You're another dollar in a vending machine. Another credit card bill to a company. Another fashion obsessed vision of the status quo, and you will slave to your death for what you owe. Suffer in Misery, in emptiness. Seeing no purpose just to exist. We are the products of technology. We are the products of bitter defeat. Is this the real world? It feels like a dream where our unconscious thoughts have turned to insanity. In an empty world of false success. We are the ones who are futureless.

Do you ever like the world is crumbling around you, and you never get a second to yourself? You work forty Hours a week and you can battery afford rent. Your life is void you're living but you might as well be dead. You'll never know because you never lived, and all the things that you bought in your pitiful little life, aren't going to bring back the deadtime.

We go through life indifferent of the homeless starving on the street refusing to accept the reality of poverty and abuse that they face. Turn you back. Do you care? You never cared. We try to justify ourselves. We say they're helpless, they're hopeless. We try to justify ourselves, I can't!

Watched it on the news today those Communist Atheist have to pay. They killed a man in his own land and wouldn't ever apologize. Is this going to be the next standoff, or a nuclear holocaust? Chinas not the enemy of the USA. We're sitting here silently waiting for World War three letting other men decide the future of humanity, they're stockpiling weapons what did you think they were for? The world is preparing for nuclear war. What a triumph for Democracy set the 24 Hostages free and our country didn't lose face who cares about human race. The media manipulates the public opinion they believe anything on television. Taught we are rights, and that they are wrong. Is that enough to drop the bomb? In a war the human Race won't survive. Will we let their War Machine control our lives? War is always fought for gain, the people with power are all the same. War isn't fought for freedom or human rights, and in the state we're in I don't thing we can get out with our lives. Greed, poverty, the threat of war, negative environment, we were promised more. Happy to life your little lives while the world around you dies. Watched it on the news today another nuclear tragedy distorted fresh and cancer cells isn't life a living hell? We're sitting here silently waiting for World War three, letting other men decide our fate.

Always tatting people what they want to hear. you're scared of yourself scared of the truth. You're fucking traitor and we're never needed people like you.

Juts come in dive real low speeding for the attack stripping the streets with napalm bodies are melting and everything around you is falling. Buildings turn to an inferno the sky burns red with fire. Half dead baby screams. The Sun sets the sky burns red. And rise from the fire they did, charred still stinks of burn fresh. Paratroopers from the past, soldiers of death ruse from the wreckage searching wrecked hollowed buildings, searching for the last survivors. Dragged into the gutter and shot execution style. No one gets out alive.