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Still Alive

Fight or fight
You never win
Sitting here you make me shiver
All this energy destroy me
Shiiting here I lose all fear
Sleeping though I'm still alive
Waiting for the life you give
Living on this simple plane
They also wait who stand and serve
And it crashed
Psycho therapy
Burning bodies growing cold
Mentall illness and I see myself in the gutter
And the water with the water
Wing gangrene dangring myself
'Cos I really want to slaughter
Want to slaughter
Looking wide-eyes and so confused
And world end with a whimper slug
Make me dizzy with your own disease
I want to smash you my knife against your throat
Desperate impatience
Can I be alive
Once more try to punish myself
Killing my break neck action
A stinking virus
You're like a virus
I see you crawling in the gutter around

Death Agonies & Screams

Fire birds make an air raid and burst into fire
The dismenbered bodies disperse and become full in the cities
Death Agonies & Screams
Look at the child's body covered with bullet marks
The darty heads pass water is deflated penis is onto our head

Endless Blockade for the Pussyfooter

Endless blockades Endless blockades
Endless blockades for the pussy footer

You no way notice the demagogue
You no way notice the militaristic
You no way notice the bombing
You no way notice the death in action

They detest to awake you from fool
They detest they united masses
They detest the repressed people's scream
They detest the departed spirits in the third world

Bloody bomb Bloody bomb
Bloody bomb descent to you

They surely send you the demagogue
They surely send you the militaristic
They surely send you the bombing
They surely send you the death in action